Come hang out with us on the Resurrection Tour!

Resurrection Tour 2018 featuring Puddle of Mudd and special guests Saliva with Soil, The Veer Union, Tantric and Shallow Side. Check for dates near you! 

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Res·ur·rec·tion (rezəˈrekSH(ə)n) -

the revitalization or revival of something."the resurrection of something under a charismatic leader" A fitting definition for this line up of live rock powerhouses. Headliner Puddle of Mudd is in full strength in 2018 selling out shows all over the world. Saliva is on the rise with new music - a new album coming late this summer (and a few other new things). Soil (check show dates), The Veer Union (check show dates), Tantric and Shallow Side fresh out the package to deliver a powerful night of rock and roll. 

Tour Dates

The Resurrection Tour - from August 2nd through 2018. 

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